Chasing balls in the snow

I really love the snow. It’s weird though – the whole scent profile of my world is different!

I saw on the news tonight that the Hubble telescope can see the light from a firefly from 7000 miles away (hu-mom thinks I just sit next to her on the couch, but, hey, I’m paying attention). I think it’s like that with scent for us dogs.  I can tell where hu-mom hides my toys when we play hide and seek, and I know that where she hid the toy last time is different from this time because the last game’s scent is older.

Yesterday when the snow was fluffy and mushy, when hu-mom threw the ball it didn’t bounce, but instantly sank into the snow. Sometimes I couldn’t see it and had to sniff it out. Around and around I ran, following the wafting scent on the breeze – sometimes it took me quite far away from the ball, and sometimes I ran right over the ball, but I always found it in the end! Hu-mom was proud of me. The best reward? Having her throw the ball again!

Today the snow was hard and crunchy with icy patches. Not so easy to run on, but the ball bounced. I could have played forever! But hu-mom took me home when she noticed blood on the snow – I guess I cut my paws on the ice. I didn’t notice… why did she stop the game?

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