Hu-mom’s traveling and she left me behind!

I really don’t think this is fair. It’s not fair at all. Hu-mom has gone to New Zealand and left me behind. Mind you, I get to stay with Julie’s-other-mother, Margaret, and we have a total blast, but still…!

This time hu-mom’s in New Zealand, and she seems to be hanging out with some pretty cool dogs. Here’s Polly from Wellington:

Polly is 7 months old and is learning to be a sniffer dog looking for strange substances in empty hotel rooms. Hu-mom wasn’t told exactly what substances, but use your imagination. Apparently she and her canine colleagues are brought in every few months to help keep the hotel running smoothly. Just another example of dogs using their superior skills for human good!

Then there was this faithful friend, just waiting for his hu-person to bring him an ice cream: mmm – he can already taste it!


Napier looks like a great place to be a dog. Beach as far as the eye can see, grass to romp and roll on, wind and waves – dog heaven. Maybe one day I will go. This great lawn was at the Church Road Winery – something for humans and dogs!


And then there’s this:

Hu-mom met another dog on the beach who was taking full advantage of the outdoors and the receptive human!

Finally, what’s with the statues? Hu-mom seems to be having fun…

I guess she misses me a little…

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