New Year’s Eve

Vancouver is still covered with snow – in fact it snowed again all day today! So much fun! I think snow is the best. We went to the park with the ball (balls are the best!) and I made a new best friend. She couldn’t throw the ball very far, which meant I got to chase it so many more times! (The best.)

We also met a very handsome Frenchie, Max (I think that is his name…). That was more a new best friend for hu-mom. Max didn’t throw the ball so I didn’t pay very much attention to him. After the routine sniffing-of-the-butt to say hello, that was it – back to the ball!

The snow makes my paws bleed if I run too much and then hu-mom brings me home – I don’t care if my paws bleed but she seems to. Now, though, we have Paw Wax, made specially for me for Christmas by brother Colin. Here’s a picture of it – you can tell I have been using it because it seems that my paws shed when I put it on. It feels great!fullsizerender

In the evening Lue came over and we snuggled by the fire – apparently today is a special day because the calendar that humans use to keep track of days changes to a new number. Why don’t they just follow the sun? So much easier. But, whatever, I will never fully understand the ways of humans. As long as I can chase my ball (the best!) and snuggle by the fire with Lue, and sleep on the bed with hu-mom I’m happy.

So, in the manner of humans, I will say, Happy New Year, everyone!

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