Block party!

There’s nothing that gets a girl excited like a good party! Mingling with friends, meeting new friends, and enjoying the last of the summer weather. Yesterday was it – our annual block party. I got all dressed up, and Lue and I made our relationship official! Check it out!

The street was closed off, with the preparations for the pet parade (where we dogs get to show off our humans) at one end of the street, and the bouncy castle and fire truck at the other (those little hukids love that bouncy castle – I don’t get it myself). There were lots of dogs, of course, sharing stories about our humoms and hudads.

Lue – my true love!


And finally the parade:

and the “wedding” (organized by the neighbourhood kiddoes):

Another fun-filled day in Mt. Pleasant and a lovely way to end the summer (I guess the summer is ended – that’s what humom tells me, but today was just as warm and sunny as yesterday – it all seems like summer to me!)

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