Spiders and goblins and bats – oh my!

all dressed up…

It’s Halloween again, let the crazy begin! Hu-mom got me all dressed up – look at this get up! Why do I have a costume, but she doesn’t? She never explained that.

Anyway, off we went to roam the neighbourhood, and what a sight it was! People go all out for Halloween here, I can tell you. And people were very impressed with my costume, no matter what I may think of what hu-mom subjects me to. I guess it’s not every day you see a spider dog. Maybe I should wear this all the time – what do you think?

Some young humans were a bit anxious when they saw me, but most of them thought I was cool.

I really developed a spidery scuttle – I consider myself to be quite a talented character actor!

For once Lue was not the centre of attention, but followed in my wake. No Pug Snow costume for him this time.img_0686

I was completely freaked out by this weird creature!

Gaah! What is it!

Clearly some people are not getting in the spirit…img_0711

but most of them are:

Happy Halloween everyone!img_0713


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