Vancouver is experiencing the effects of Typhoon Songda in the Pacific this weekend – 4000 km away and look what it is doing! I guess that’s the butterfly effect in action.



I am not impressed. It is wet and windy, but still hu-mom drags me outside, when I could be curled up on her pillow or snoozing in front of the fire.

As she was forcing me to march around the neighbourhood today I felt quite nervous – the wind was howling and the old trees we were walking under were swaying and creakingly most alarmingly. I was waiting for a branch to come crashing down on our heads. That would have shown her! Maybe next time you’ll stay inside, hu-mom! Taking a nap. Like a sensible person.

We did even see one tree that had been blown right over just down the block,

and all the blossoms had been blown off the geranium,

Not impressed. Not at all.


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