Music video shoot day 2

I’m loving being a music video star – er, extra… Glamour, location, treats, chain mail… um, yes, chain mail.

I can tell you, that stuff is heavy! You can see that I didn’t move around much when it was draped over me.

Becky – Rebecca – Fin, my co-star – however, thought it was for flinging (celebs – what are they thinking?!? Do you have any idea what that shit weighs?!? Keep out of the way when that stuff starts swingin’, I’m telling you.)

I really helped set up the shots.


Break time was fun – mmm… banana!

Simon Fraser University is really beautiful – or so hu-mom tells me – really all I care about is treats and squirrels – but I am nothing if not accepting of others’ interests. I guess to visually attuned humans, Arthur Erickson’s design is pretty impressive. What do you think?

Still, I would rather focus on my favourite humans…

I can’t wait for the finished music video!

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